Iain Sharpe of Merrill Lynch is a man of many interests. This blog will focus on a few of those. Iain Sharpe was born on July 30, 1971 to Andrew and Glenda Sharpe, in a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Both Andrew and Glenda are English but had been living in the States for graduate school and his job with Shell.  Shortly after Iain was born, they moved to the Netherlands for a couple of years.  Their next move was back to England where they lived in Surrey until Iain was 11 and Shell brought them back to the states.  They settled in Houston where Iain Sharpe spent the remainder of his youth.

Before Iain Sharpe became a financial advisor, he studied Hospitality Management. He earned his degree in hotel and restaurant management, but he decided that he didn’t want to get in the field right away. Instead he went on a backpacking trip where he hiked across parts of Asia, Australia and New Zealand. When he was in Hong Kong, he received a job offer to work for the Four Seasons in Chicago. He couldn’t pass up the chance to work for a great company, and do something that was directly linked to his studies, so he moved to Chicago. However, he did not remain in hospitality management and decided instead to switch careers. He entered a program to become a financial advisor, and he has working in finance ever since.

Although Iain Sharpe is a financial advisor, he does not spend every day behind a desk working on a computer. As you can probably guess from the backpacking trip, Iain Sharpe is an avid traveler. He is also a golfer, and you can find him on the links when he has the time. However, most of his time is spend with his wife, Brooke, and his two boys. Iain Sharpe has passed on his love of sports to his children, and they especially love golf, baseball, and soccer. Sharpe is a Liverpool fan and a fan of the FA Premier League in general.