Iain Sharpe Suggests 6 things to Do after a Long Weekend:


We all love a long weekend, however, it can make it tough to return to work and not feel like you are ‘behind’.  There was recently a great article on Business Insider that talked about the 6 things successful people do after a long weekend.  After a long weekend, it’s important to be able to get back on task quickly.  Here are some ways to make that easier.


  1. Get to work early – Anyone who knows Iain Sharpe is aware that many days he is the first person to work at his Merrill Lynch office. He believes that getting in early is the difference between being reactive vs. proactive. This is especially important after a long weekend so you have distraction free time to get caught up and prepared for a productive week.


  1. Prioritize to-do items – Too-long to-do lists can be counterproductive as it sometimes makes it hard to focus in on the most important tasks to be done. Iain Sharpe at Merrill Lynch tries to keep it concise. Put the most important items at the top so you can be sure to focus most of your energy on the most time sensitive and vital tasks


  1. Adjust your schedule – Since you have a short work week, don’t try to cram too many things into your shrunken schedule. There’s no way to productively have as many meetings in a 4 day week as you do in a 5 day week.


  1. Check in – Take time to let your clients and associates know you are on top of things and back and ready for business.  It’s a simple thing that can make a big impression.  Also, check in with your team to make sure everyone is on the same page.


  1. Organize inbox – With one extra day of emails to sort through, don’t get bogged down by unimportant emails. Be strategic and only respond to emails that are time sensitive until you get caught up.


  1. Focus on work – While it’s necessary for all of us to have a break from work over long weekends, it’s equally important to get back into your work-focused mindset as soon as you get back to your office. As a financial advisor, Iain knows it’s important for him to be responsive and focused every moment he’s at work to do what’s best for his clients.

Iain Sharpe Offers Tips for Designing Your Own Home

iain sharpe


Although Iain Sharpe is a financial advisor, he has many other interests. If you ever notice home design publications on his coffee table at his home, there is a very good reason for this: he actually designed his own home himself.

According to Iain Sharpe, there is something romantic about taking the time to create something out of nothing and turning that into the home where you will live, raise your family, and grow old with the people that you love.

However, Iain Sharpe can also appreciate the fact that some people might believe that designing your own home is a bit on the intimidating side. Where do you start, who do you hire, and how do you budget for such an ambitious project?

Although every project will be a little different, Iain Sharpe can vouch that designing your own home is possible and will be well worth it once you are moved in. So what should you consider as you go through with the project?

Here are several things to keep in mind:

You Should Hire an Architect before You Purchase the Land: Although this won’t always be possible, it would be advantageous to find an architect first before you invest in a lot. Your architect will be able to tell you what works, what doesn’t, and whether or not your local municipality will approve the type of home that you want to build on the land. A good architect will be able to help you assess the advantages and disadvantages of a specific piece of land.

Understand that the Project Will Take a Significant Amount of Time: If you are looking for a home that you can move into within the year, you will need to rethink your timeline. Building a home from scratch is not a simple job, and it will require an architect, engineer, contractor, and more. And weather could affect your building schedule as well. Iain Sharpe says that you should expect to wait at least 18 months from choosing a site to moving into your home.

Take Significant Time to Assess Your Budget: As Iain Sharpe is a financial planner, the numbers were the easy part. However, if you are not good with numbers, you may need to hire someone to help you out as an accurate budget will allow you to choose bids from contractors and architects, understand what you can and can’t have in the design, and determine whether or not your project is on tract or needs to be reassessed.